Why Write About Sport? No. 1

Why write about sport? Why add to what can only be a growing mountain of sport musings? The essential answers are thus: Firstly, I can and I shall. Secondly, I believe I offer something a little different. Certainly different to the report-by-numbers world of match reports and live internet updates, “missed a penalty”, “scored a point” iSpy lists of the essentially mundane. But also, I would haphazardly claim, deeper than so-called quality sports writing (broadsheet columns and the like) which I believe still adhere to very conservative, establishmentarian and basically uncreative sporting ideologies.

I on the other hand consider myself as part of a very very very (!) avant-garde of open-minded sport interpretation. The piece of writing that has inspired me most is Roland Barthes’ exciting The World of Wrestling essay. Amongst many other brilliant thoughts and comments, he declares that “wrestling is not a sport, it is a spectacle.” Well… we need to take this further. I declare: Sport is not a sport! It is a spectacle. Let us make it even more spectacular…


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