The Revolution Begins: I Am Unveiled As Benfica’s New #10…

Today, in an act of situationist rebellion amidst an important cultural form, the official website of leading Portugese football club Sport Lisboa e Benfica was hacked, enabling people to create fake but believable pages announcing the purchase of… anyone. As a perfectly absurd example, here is a page reporting my signing…  (One simply replaces the final word of the address, in this case “Vaughan” with whatever they want. So, for Benfica to sign Adolf Hitler, simply end the address with “Adepto=Hitler” etc.)

This has led to numerous false rumours, embarrassment for the club’s top brass and has compromised media outlets that have run stories on some of the more plausible transfers (i.e. FC Porto’s Hulk). It is fun, playful. Good comedy – cheeky, naughty, but meaningful (I am reminded of Brass Eye). Sure, it’s only a small thing relative to the gargantuan ivory skyscraper of sterilised postmodern football entertainment industry, but I am very happy something can happen, and happily encourage more of the same. I’m waving the flag.

In fact, what the devil! Now is as good a time as any to make this announcement: I have been elected Chairperson of the Revolutionary Avant-Garde Anarcho-Situationist Sports (RAG ASS) committee by a landslide victory of 100% of all one votes. Well done me!


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