If I’ve learnt one thing from occasionally writing this bleak little blog, it’s that people seem rather fascinated by the girlfriends of dead Spanish footballers. My search engine results are absolutely dominated by “antonio puerta girlfriend”, “dani jarque girlfriend” and other similar terms. These searchs are getting results from my earlier post More Art Than Art! which was specifically about a dramatic photograph of Puerta’s pregnant girlfriend Mar Roldan, grieving at his funeral.

It has been brought to my attention that Dani Jarque’s girlfriend was seven months pregnant at the time of her contemporary hero’s sudden death. Hmmm… So people, it would seem, have a morbid curiosity – and dare I say sexual attraction – to grieving pregnant women. Let’s not beat about the bush. Perverts like this certainly wouldn’t… There’s a significant minority of people out there who would like nothing more than to fuck one of these hysterical women, against the church wall, during the funeral serice, whilst she sobs over the loss of someone thrice the man you could ever even dream of being.

And if I’ve learnt two things from occasionally writing this bleak little blog, the latter is that I too am one of those perverts.

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