Dani Jarque: Siempre Con Nosotros

Spain win the World Cup. Andres Iniesta’s late winner was celebrated by the Barça midfielder pulling off his shirt to reveal a dedication to Dani Jarque, whose death last year inspired me to write this post.

And consequntially, this miserable little blog, used to maybe eight hits a day, got over a thousand views in the hours following his goal.

There is something fitting, or telling, that the world’s biggest sporting event gives even a strange, maladjusted little sports blog like this its biggest day of hits.

I cannot escape the order of things.

And where the fuck are you bastards normally? Reading the BBC Sport website? Cunts.

P.S. >>> Iniesta was booked for the celebration. Scoring a nearly last-minute winner in a World Cup final, for a country that had never got past even the Quarter Finals previously, with a ready-made dedication to a dead  man. And he gets booked for the mere act of pulling his shirt off. Jesus! FIFA clearly don’t appreciate the ritual they claim to have control over…

If I was in Iniesta’s situation I’d lose the plot. Shirt, shorts, socks, velveteen posing pouch. They’d all be ripped off whilst I roared at the gods. I’d probably sacrifice a virgin by the corner flag and as  she neck-bled to death cum over her naked breasts.



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3 responses to “Dani Jarque: Siempre Con Nosotros

  1. Yeah I am usually, but after calling me a cunt, I’ll definitely follow yours.

  2. The twisted logic of contemporary marketing. Up next: BUY PG TIPS TEA BAGS, YOU STINKING BASTARDS.

  3. I’m not sure the ins and outs of how it works, but it got me hooked.

    I wouldn’t try it at the day job though.

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