By Far The Greatest Teams The Worlds Have Ever Scene

I’m pretty certain every English football match I’ve ever watched above a certain level (the lowest being Dorchester Town in the 6th tier) has included the chant, ‘We are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!’

Which is problematic. They can’t all be, can they?

But football is subjective. That seems to be what I argue on this blog. It’s like music. One man thinks The Beatles are the best, another opts for Cannibal Corpse. Meanwhile, I loudly decry everyone as racist for overlooking Parliament/Funkadelic. But then we probably interject the debate with how we like the rivals.

But football doesn’t fit in like that. Or rather, that’s not the rules of the football watching game.

Even a 1990s vintage Manic Street Preachers fanatic, the real Cult of Richey types, would happily consume the music of other bands, of comparables. Could you imagine that dedicated a football fan allowing themselves to do that?!

And fans singing the Greatest Team song (ignoring boring elite clubs who stand a chance to reach what MIGHT be accepted as the Objective End of football, winning the Champions League)… Why do they make this claim? Are they aware of their own subjectivity? Are they ironically making a wild joke? Or do they actually believe it?

And if they are aware of their own subjectivity, why not escape the trappings of a rationalist winner-comes-first mode of football? Why still celebrate goals? Why cheer their team on to promotion? Why despair at failure? Why not go the whole hog and declare themselves the situationist hooligan wing of whichever economically castrated small club they support?



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One response to “By Far The Greatest Teams The Worlds Have Ever Scene

  1. I think you might be missing the point. Don’t get me wrong I really like your post. However, due to every football fan supporting their team and only really supporting the one team, they then believe that their team is the best, it is not a matter of which team is better to the fans, as 9/10 there team is the best, simply because that is the team they support. Then there are the die-hard football fans, the one’s who’s teams are better 11/10 no matter who they play. If you have a die-hard Kidderminster fan and they are playing Chelsea in the FA Cup, to that fan Kidderminster are by far the better team and there will be no question about it. So what I am saying is, to every fan their team is the best and that is why no matter what match you watch that song will most likely be heard.


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