Introduction To Me

Hello. This started off as blog about sport, particularly the consumption of it. I’m now broadening my horizons (or, rather, the blog’s) for a number of reasons. Firstly, once you’re looking at sport in vaguely sociological terms the often quite artificial divides between different spheres of social activity blur. Sports shares space (the world, our lives) with and is effected by the same patterns and changes as ANYTHING, including politics, performance art, property development, Parliament/Funkadelic etc.

I write about sport for one main reason: I like it. A lot. Any interesting or original or borrowed or just downright pretentious perspectives I have are merely secondary. But I wouldn’t say I relish opening my efforts up to politics – I am certainly not the teenage politics geek I once was – but the bastard is inescapable. Politics is at once a solution, a continuation and a facilitator to enormous human problems

Aside from Sport (and particuarly the People’s game association football) I also enjoy: popular music, dancing, cooking & eating, dressing up fancy, teddy bears, sociology, modern history.

I live in South London’s fashionable Dog Kennel Hill Estate with a very beautiful woman, two cats, and the constant threat the local regionalist revolutionaries will spark off a bloody civil war.


6 responses to “Introduction To Me

  1. Anon


  2. George

    You have not written an article on sport since the world cup why is this? I am a big fan of your writing please dont stop !

  3. You should update this page!

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